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Jason York - Owner

Jason York


Carl Glorioso - Director of Education

Carl Glorioso

Director of Operations




Summit Salon Academy Kansas City is owned by experienced industry salon leaders Jason York and Carl Glorioso. Elevating the industry one artist at a time is our passion and leaving it better than we found it is our mission. Students are the future of the beauty industry. Summit Salon Academy Kansas City prepares students for a successful career. Each day at Summit Salon Academy Kansas City begins with one question: "What difference will you make in the world today?"



We are making history every day at Summit Salon Academy Kansas City by being fluid and open to change to meet the needs of today's students. Summit Salon Academy Kansas City is owned by Jason York. We have nurtured a rich history with Summit Salon Business Center (SSBC), the world's largest salon seminar, training, and consulting company. By utilizing SSBC in our curriculum our students leave with a foundational knowledge of how to earn a beautiful living if they choose to. We want history to show that we impacted our culture by fostering an environment of support and encouragement vs competition. We want history to show that we elevated the industry one student at a time.



At Summit Salon Academy Kansas City we love to “Challenge our Talents” and “Get Inspired” with the industry’s leading resource for learning, L'Oreal Professionnel. L’Oreal’s artistic team is comprised of award-winning facilitators who are often on-site at our Academy. As a L’Oreal School, Summit Salon Academy Kansas City offers technical training supported by principles of design and color. L’Oreal’s exclusive Principle Based Design and Color system explores an approach to hair design from the foundation to the finish.



Summit Salon Academy Kansas City student kit includes Sam Villa’s professional styling tools for hairdressers designed by a hairdresser for maximum ergonomic comfort. Motivating, creative, passionate, energetic and inspiring are just a few thoughts that come to mind at the mention of Sam Villa. Sam Villa is known for doing things differently to challenge, inspire and motivate change and we are proud to partner with Sam Villa.



Summit Salon Academy Kansas City is a Pivot Point member. Together, we believe it's our responsibility to evolve hair and beauty education, challenging the status quo. For over 50 years, Pivot Point continual commitment to creating rich educational experiences and developing best-in-class educational content, has enabled them to foster over 1 million individuals, on six continents, as they realize sustainable careers within the beauty industry. We know what drives beauty professionals to succeed-what they see as relevant to further their career; Pivot Point provides education, tools
and a community in which to thrive. Their mission is to empower through education.

Summit Salon Business Center


Summit Salon Business Center (SSBC) is the world’s largest salon seminar, training, and consulting company.



At Summit Salon Academy Kansas City we have a fundamental belief that students of skin therapy need the most effective products and treatments in the business and the best support and training to achieve their goals. That is why we are a Dermalogica Partner Academy. Together, we continue to raise the standard of the professional skin therapy industry. Dermalogica understands the need to invest in student growth and development. Dermalogica strives to provide all the necessary support, tools and education to help us mentor our industry’s future professionals.

Beauty As A Business


We have partnered with Beauty As A Business Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is part of the benefit of education at Summit Salon Academy KC and we are the only school to offer it in the Kansas City market!

"Social media is not the future of marketing for beauty professionals, it's the present. It's already been here for years and is widely used as the number one source for capturing and retaining clients. For virtually the cost of a beauty professional' s time, these individuals can successfully market themselves using social media.

We believe social media and marketing is critical to your future success in the industry! That's why our students will have the opportunity to go through the Beauty As A Business Social Media Marketing Curriculum. These digital lessons will help you build marketing skills like understanding the basics of lnstagram, creating high-quality photos and videos using your phone, how to get Google Reviews, set-up a website, and more!"

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