Top Reasons to Become an Esthetician in 2021


Looking for a career change and love helping people look and feel amazing? You might be the perfect candidate for a new career in esthetics. With our exceptional training programs that get you into the field quickly, 2021 is a great time to become an esthetician with help from Summit Salon Academy KC. Here’s why.

Being an esthetician is:

Inspiring. You’ll help people overcome skin problems that may have been causing a decline in self-confidence and self-esteem. When you see people feeling great about themselves, that’s the best inspiration.

Rewarding. There’s a great future in the esthetics industry, and now is a time to step in and reap the rewards for yourself. The job industry is increasing in this career, with professional, licensed estheticians in huge demand. In just a couple of years, the demand for estheticians is expected to increase by 14%!

Flexible. You’re not stuck working in just one environment when you’re an esthetician. You can choose the career that works for you, whether it’s working in a luxury spa, a medical spa, a cruise ship traveling to exotic locations, a luxury resort and spa in fabulous destinations, a dermatologist’s office, or even as an expert on skincare for luxury salon brands. The sky really is the limit on flexibility for estheticians.

Social. If you love being around people, you’ll love being an esthetician. You’ll work with different clients every day and building lasting relationships with many of them. Being around plenty of different people, and making a difference in their lives while helping them address skincare problems, is a rewarding part of a professional esthetician’s career.

Never boring. Everyone has different skincare needs, so you’re never doing the same repetitive treatments over and over. For a professional esthetician, your day will have lots of variety as you assess different clients for their skincare needs and perform different treatments all day to help them all look and feel their best.

Good for you. While other careers have people stuck sitting at a desk all day, you’ll get a healthy dose of variety as an esthetician. Studies have proven that sitting all day can be detrimental to your health, so being able to move around for the different treatments you’ll give your clients is a healthy way to spend your days. In addition, being an esthetician is good for your own skin, because you’ll have the knowledge and expertise to care for your own skin the way you do for your clients. You’ll always look and feel your best because you’re the expert, even when you’re helping yourself!

Fascinating. Esthetics is a fascinating and intellectually stimulating career. To be a licensed esthetician, you’ll learn things from several different fields like biology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry, which all combined to help develop the techniques that make skin healthy and beautiful.

There are a lot of options for careers out there, but if these aspects of being a professional esthetician appeal to you, don’t hesitate to see if esthetics is the right career for you! Our world-class Esthetics Program at Summit Salon Academy gets you right out there and working quickly – you can complete our program full-time in as little as eight months! 

What’s more, we also offer our Esthetics graduates the opportunity to extend their expertise through our CIDESCO Continuing Education course – with no charge for tuition and supplies! CIDESCO education gives you a 75-hour course that prepares you to sit for the CIDESCO (Comite International D’Esthetique et de

Cosmetologie) international exam. A CIDESCO diploma is world-recognized as a symbol of excellence in esthetics that will make you in demand at the world’s top salons and spas!

Summit Salon Academy, KC is proud to be a Dermalogica® Partner School, offering exceptional training and product expertise. 

There’s never been a better time to start a career in the Summit Salon Academy KC Esthetics Program! Contact our education professionals today and discover the exciting possibilities of a career in esthetics can mean for your life! Our world-class training programs and exceptional student support will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful esthetician. You can find us at 815 West 23rd St S in Independence, MO, or call us at (816) 252-4247 x303 for admissions information. You can also take our online career assessment to see if esthetics is the right career for you. Message us online to ask questions and learn more about our exciting world-class programs. For more information, you can also schedule a tour of our exceptional career education programs.