How to Enroll

Step 1

Schedule a tour with our Office of Admissions.

Step 2


Completing pre-enrollment steps A-J will expedite your enrollment. Please note you can reference our “Courses” page for class start dates and available schedules:

After you have scheduled your tour, text the Office of Admissions at 816-491-2568 including the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Program/course of interest
  • Full-time or Part-time schedule
  • Your ideal class start date and a back-up class start date
  • A recent and appropriate headshot/picture of yourself for your license
  • Proof of identity: a clear picture of your driver license or birth certificate
  • If necessary, proof of name change documentation. For example, a marriage license if you have changed your last name since high school and the last names do not match across all documents.
  • Proof of high school education: a clear picture of your high school diploma or transcript or GED
  • Complete FAFSA if applying for financial aid assistance. If you would like to apply for financial aid start with the step by step instructions on our “Applying for Financial Aid?” web page. Please note, after submitting the FAFSA it will take 4-5 business days to reach us, so submit it as soon as possible!
  • Complete our Admissions Personality Quiz by logging into with our credentials:
    Password: WebAppClouds123!
    Take The Big 5 Personality Test and once you complete and submit the quiz, text the Office of Admissions (816-491-2568) the day and time you submitted the Personality Quiz so we can add it to your file

Step 3

Enjoy Your Tour!

Ideally, show up to your tour 10 minutes early to fill out our personal history form in the lobby so we can start the tour on-time. If we are a good fit and you want to apply for enrollment, you will need to verify your financial plan with our Financial Aid Director

Step 4

Complete Enrollment Packet

Apply by requesting an enrollment packet from the Admissions Director at the Academy at the end of your tour. We like for you to complete it at the Academy so we can answer any questions you may have.  Please note, we do have a $25 application fee that needs to be received before your application is complete. 

Step 5

Await Acceptance

Await confirmation that you have been accepted and that you have a seat in your preferred program start date! We will send you an official welcome email with this information from the Office of Admissions confirming your class seat/start date and orientation information.