December 21, 2023

Bigger is Better: The Most Anticipated Haircut Trends for Spring 2024

Today, we are going to talk about haircut styles. Spring 2024 haircut trends are cute, full of life after a long, cold winter, and perfect for the season. Whether you prefer bangs, short looks, medium-length trends, or longer haircuts; we have something for you. When you go in, you can ask our students about styles that would work best for you. Personalized style recommendations will help you to get hair that will compliment your features and match your style best: with just the right volume, texture, hold, and control for your new cut.

Bob haircuts 

Short haircuts like the famous bob are very popular this year, for Spring and in general. And this applies to all bobs. There’s the classic look, the lob, and asymmetrical cuts. A textured unkempt bob would look great whether it’s short or chin-length. As well, we love blunt haircuts, bobs with bangs, and concave bobs.

Pixie Haircut Styles

Warm weather is creeping up! Pixie styles can help keep you cool. And it isn’t just the classic look- if you want something a little more stylized, then look at the mixie or bixie. Mixies are a mashup of the pixies and the come-back style, the mullet. The bixie, on the other hand, is a mashup of the currently popular bob hairstyle and the pixie cut. This is great if you can’t quite decide which style you want – you get to experiment with both.

Long Shag Haircuts

Did you think that shag haircuts were just for short hair? Think again! Shags for long-haired folks are in too, it’s one of the great layered styles a variety of people can choose from regardless of length. Choppy cuts like this are popular for their pretty, carefree look. You could even call this a voluminous hairstyle! Just style it with a bit of volumizing mousse (you can ask your stylist what they recommend for you). Shag-related haircuts like the octopus, air cut, and butterfly cut are also greatly popular and match the trend of shags and layers perfectly.

Bang Hairstyle Options

This year, it’s time to consider bangs. Blunt cuts, bottleneck bangs, curtain bangs, micro bangs – all of these are lovely options to think about. The wispiness of the curtain bangs is keeping them timeless through the years, and bottleneck bangs are a fun twist on the classic curtain bang.

The “Rachel” Cut 

Layered haircuts like the classic Rachel cut to have their time to shine, and that time is now. Older styles love making their rounds every few years. This is a great cut for people with finer hair because you can add volume through the look of layers without making your hair look thinner. It’s a big hair look and was very big back in the 90s, popularized by the TV show Friends.

Curly Hairstyles

If you want a textured hairstyle then a curly look is just the thing for you. Big hair with curls is just one of the various great styles gaining their spotlight this year. Haircut trends for women this year are just teaming up with gorgeous, natural styles. It’s best to embrace the natural curls instead of fighting against them, anyway. Stop trying to straighten or tame those curls – embrace the curl and have some fun this season!

Starring Undercut Hairstyles

If you want a look that keeps you cool with an edgy vibe then you’ll be right at home with the undercut. This takes away all the bulk your hair can hold while still leaving enough to style. You can make it a light, feathery look or get it permed for volume and bounce.

The “Wet Look”

This slicked-back look provides a sophisticated look for its wearer. It’s easy to achieve with gel, sections, and a blow drier as well. This trend is more of a style than a haircut, so no matter what cut you choose here, the “wet hair” trend should be more than achievable as a trendy, beautiful style.

Mullet & Shullet

The mullet, popular in the 80s, is making its way back on the trending list with modern updates and gorgeous variations for everyone to try. Yes, you can get the classic mullet for a trendy, chic look. But at the same time, the shullet is also a great option. It’s a great mix of a 70’s shag cut, plus the ever-popular mullet. You can get this cut with any hair texture, and it adds movement to fine, thin hair.

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