January 2, 2024

How To Become A Cosmetologist In Kansas


Embarking on a journey to become a cosmetologist can be an exciting and rewarding path. Kansas, with its vibrant beauty industry, offers aspiring individuals an opportunity to turn their passion for beauty into a career. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps to become a licensed cosmetologist in Kansas and how Summit Salon Academy Kansas City can be your gateway to success.

Education and Training Requirements

Cosmetologists don’t just step into the role. Cosmetologists are skilled professionals who specialize in various beauty services, including hair styling, makeup application, skincare, and nail care. They are the artists who help individuals look and feel their best, boosting confidence and enhancing natural beauty.

The first step to becoming a cosmetologist is to complete the state-mandated education, training, and licensing process. The requirements differ from state to state, but here in Kansas, cosmetologists must complete 1500 education hours before taking the licensing exam.

Choosing the Right Cosmetology School

Before you begin your education, it is vital to choose the right cosmetology school where your career will begin.

Start by researching accredited cosmetology programs. These schools offer programs that provide the necessary 1500 hours of well-rounded cosmetology education, and your coursework hours will be accepted when you apply for your licensing exam.

You will next want to explore which schools are able to suit your needs, such as proximity to your home, how long the coursework will take, and whether they offer plenty of hands-on experience to practice your practical skills.

Summit Salon Academy Curriculum

At Summit Salon, you will find our advanced 1500-hour cosmetology program to be an enlightening and career-starting experience. The cosmetology program includes focused hour segments where you will learn:

  • Proper salon sanitization
  • Safety protocols
  • Shampooing & Blowdrying
  • Hairstyling including Natural Hairstyling
  • Hair Color including Permanent, Semi-Permanent, Fashion Colors-Pulp Riot and Blonding
  • Haircutting – design principles and varied techniques
  • Perms, Chemical Relaxers, Brazilian Blowout
  • Introduction to Wigs and Hair Additions
  • Hair removal and lash/brow tinting
  • Skin theory and basic Facials
  • Manicures
  • State Board Prep

In addition to classroom time, you will also find that Summit Salon Academy offers extensive practical training with hands-on experience.

Licensing Process

In order to take your cosmetology licensing exam, you must first be referred by your accredited cosmetology school. From there, you will need to prepare for the written and practical exam.

Application process

The necessary documents to apply for your cosmetology exam and license include

  • Two forms of ID, one with a photo
  • Proof of cosmetology course completion

You will then need to fill out the application form and be prepared to pay the fees for both the written and practical exams.

Written and practical exams

The written exam is scheduled to take about two hours to complete. The exam fee is $50 for the written portion, and $65 for the practical exam. During the written exam, you will prove your understanding of essential concepts, detailed facts of cosmetology practice, and Kansas cosmetology law.

During the practical exam, you will bring your own kit of supplies and will work on a real person. You will display your ability to complete hands-on cosmetology skills.

Attaining Your Cosmetology License

You will receive the results of your cosmetology exam within a week. From that point, you can apply directly for your cosmetology license.  There is a $45 application fee, but your application should be accepted if your coursework is complete and your exam was a success.

Continuing Education and Specializations

Of course, receiving your cosmetology license is only the beginning. Your license is the foundation on which your beauty career can be built. In fact, many cosmetologists return to school periodically to remain current on the latest techniques or to take courses on their specialization paths.

It is important to stay current in both the latest fashions and the latest cosmetology techniques in order to provide your clients with the most innovative and high-quality service.

You may also desire to rise through a specific career path that requires specializations. Not only can you find advanced training in techniques beyond standard cosmetology, but you can also gain certifications in these specialized areas which will raise your credibility and professional standing.

Cosmetology specializations include focuses like makeup artistry, hair coloring, and skincare.

Building Your Cosmetology Career

There are many opportunities to build an illustrious cosmetology career in Kansas with your cosmetology license. No matter your goals and dreams, you will find a path to those dreams right here in Kansas.

Job Opportunities in Kansas

Kansas cosmetology job opportunities are vast. Salons, spas, resorts, and beauty establishments are a great way to begin your career and start on a path toward becoming a highly sought-after cosmetologist. You can also innovate and build your career independently through freelancing, self-employment, and starting your own beauty business.

Networking and Building a Clientele

No matter which path you choose, cosmetologists always benefit from networking and cultivating a personal clientele list. It is important to establish rapport with each of your clients, as you may quickly become their favorite beauty professional and even become asked for by name. You can also build a network through social media and an elegant online presence.

Professional Development and Growth

As a cosmetologist, you never have to stop growing to become more skilled and renowned throughout your career. You can stay inspired and motivated by exploring new techniques and getting to know the personal tastes of each one of your clients.

Pursuing advanced education and certification can help you build your professional influence and credibility with each new specialization you collect. You can also join professional organizations and associations to broaden your professional network and open new doors in your career path.

Becoming a Kansas Cosmetologist with Summit Salon Academy

Do you dream of pursuing a fulfilling career in the beauty industry in Kansas? The first step to becoming a Kansas cosmetologist is to find the right beauty school. Summit Salon Academy is proud to offer accredited cosmetology education. Contact us today to learn if Summit Salon Academy is where you want to start your cosmetology career. Schedule a tour online today. You can also call us at (816) 252-4247 to schedule your tour or to get answers to all of your questions. You can find the academy at 815 West 23rd St S in Independence, MO.