December 2, 2020

Choose An Exciting Career With A Cosmetology or Esthetician License

When it comes to the common office job, it can seem like a lot of boring paper-pushing work that doesn’t really lead anywhere bigger. And if we can learn anything from our parents and our parent’s parents, it’s that we shouldn’t settle. Gen Z is the generation meant for embracing and pursuing amazing and exciting careers- and the beauty industry is booming with the eccentricity and creativity that you crave. With new tech and trends coming at us every which way, it can be hard to tell what will spring up next on the boards. Here is how a cosmetology or esthetician license can lead you down the path of enriching, fulfilling beauty careers.

Rewards of a Cosmetology License 

There are plenty of reasons getting a cosmetology license is a good choice for young adults. Cosmetology opens up the window for a variety of different options in the world of beauty. With this, you can be a makeup artist, nail artist, or hairdresser, and it offers you a necessary skillset for starting and running your own beauty business. This particular career path is on found to be perfect for someone who is more artistically motivated, and the license is geared towards guiding you toward a high-paying job. You can also count on spending less time and money on your education because depending on the location you can get a cosmetology license in less than a year! No need to bother with four-year colleges, degrees, or a ton of student debt when these jobs are available!

Benefits of an Esthetician License

An esthetician license is a great way to jump-start a well-paid and long-time career. If you love skincare and love helping others maintain healthy, beautiful skin, then this is definitely the job for you. When you get an esthetician license, you get to partake in a wonderful, sociable career that is as rewarding as it is flexible- especially if you plan to own your own spa or salon. It is a good choice for anyone worried about balancing work and family, as well as creative, make-up-loving extroverts with a thing for beauty and fashion. Whether your passion is overall skin care, makeup, facials, skincare technology, or anything of the sort, you will find a place in this field.

Why Both Are Superb

Either option can work great for you when you begin a career in beauty! It sim depends on what you want to work with. Both of these options offer consistent growth- the beauty industry is constantly finding new techniques and styles, so you will always be given opportunities to learn new things. New technology is always being developed for the benefit of beauty, efficiency, and health in this industry. They are full of excitement, color, art, and growth- so you will never have to worry about becoming bored, or your days becoming repetitive. You will always be on an upward path in the improvement of your craft, provided you are committed. Not to mention, these jobs allow you to connect with people. They’re social jobs, and you will meet a variety of clients and customers because of that. Someone who loves good conversation and meeting new people will thrive in these environments. While there may be the odd customer that prefers to not converse, that is part of the beauty of the job and craft. You never know who might walk through your doors, especially with well-known locations. Being able to help everyone get the hair they want, care for their nails, and achieve comfort in their skin is a job that keeps on giving- both to you, and your clients. And even without all these perks, both are very quick to achieve! A cosmetology license may be achievable within a year, you can get an esthetician license with 750 hours of education – which equates to 31 days of training.

Become Your Own Trendsetter!

Trendsetting is a big part of the fashion and beauty industries- and you can set your own. With Gen Z, we know how important trends can be! By recommending styles and learning about the newest trends through both your clients and media, you can create hype for whatever trend, fad, or beauty craze you love.  From a hot new makeup look to eccentric and colorful nail art trends, you have a lot of creative freedom that can be encouraged with careers like these.

Choose Summit Salon Academy 

If you are looking to start a career in beauty, then summit salon academy is just the school you are looking for. We can help the youth of today find their place, and provide the building blocks they need for a successful career in beauty. We are a place that encourages diversity, creativity, passion, and accountability. We want to both see and help you thrive, achieve your best, and find yourself among the stars. So our mission, and the tools we provide, are designed to give the best education you could ask for.

Our school is a stepping stone to achievement, helping you gain skills, confidence, and a stellar education so you can reach your dreams.  All you need to do is take that first step so that we can help you see the start of a bright, intriguing future. If you are interested, we encourage you to check out  Summit Salon Academy Kansas City for yourself, request more information, and chase down your ambitions. You can find us at 815 West 23rd St S in Independence, MO, or call us at (816) 252-4247 x301, for anything you may need. We hope to see you soon.