February 12, 2020

Coloring Your Way to the Top: The Financial Benefits of a Career in Hairstyling

Are you tired of a mundane nine-to-five job and longing for a career that offers creativity, flexibility, and financial rewards? If so, it might be time to consider a career in hairstyling. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or just starting in the industry, hairdressing can offer a range of benefits beyond just the perfect hair? ?color or haircut?. You’ll love to see what a creative, social career like this can do to really make your life exciting, comfortable, and fun.

Number One – A Stable Income

As long as people have hair, they will need haircuts and styling, making cosmetology a stable and in-demand career. As long as you provide worthwhile results, not only will new people come in. but more importantly, you will get people coming back. This will absolutely ensure that your income will be consistent. A cosmetology salary is something you can live off of without worry. Just remember that a recurring customer is more important than constantly bringing in new ones. New customers are never bad, but regular customers are where the stability really lies.

Number Two – Tips

Did you know people will often tip their stylists? This can significantly boost your income? (many hairstylists average more than 20% tips)?. So not only is the income consistent and stable- you can even get that additional cash from particularly satisfied customers. Cosmetology tips can be some of the biggest, best tips you get in customer service when the right person walks through the doors of the salon. Good tips also directly reflect on your performance, so not only do you get additional money, you get the satisfaction of a job well done.

Number Three – A Flexible Schedule

For those that want to make more money, you can work more hours to do more clients. For those who prefer to make enough to live but don’t need extra, you can take on fewer hours. This isn’t even to mention the benefits that can come with it if you are a hair stylist that owns your own salon- if you’re running the whole show then not only would you have a flexible schedule, you could decide when the salon was open and control the workspace as well.

Number Four – Opportunities for Entrepreneurship

When you choose a career in hair styling and cosmetology there are so many opportunities and benefits that await you. You can be your own boss, work as a manufacturer artist, and if you’re good enough you can get chances to ?freelance hair and makeup for celebrities. You can work with costuming behind the scenes for movies, plays, and concerts, or just work in a small town and provide joy and confidence to the people in your home.

Number Five – Continuing Education

Those that ?continually improve their skills, make? more ?money. And if you like to constantly have a good challenge and learn something new then the beauty industry is where you belong. There are always new techniques being made and new trends that make their rounds. If you specialize in certain areas, you have chances to expand and learn how to do other beauty services and treatments. Not to mention in going to school to get licensed for new treatments, the beauty school ROI is worth a little extra time in education.

Number  Six – Commission

Most salons offer cosmetologist commission – and the more in demand you are the higher the commission will be. This is a great motivator to keep you on your toes, as well as a fantastic benefit for good workers to get even better pay. The salon income potential and beauty industry wages are great motivators for anyone creative, extroverted, and in need of a good-paying job.

Number Seven – Bonuses and Incentives

Some salons offer bonuses and incentives for meeting certain goals or achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. Hair colorist compensation is important for keeping stylists around, so salon owners will often make sure to add in these extra money-making opportunities so they know they are appreciated. This helps to not only keep workers satisfied and happy but also makes for extremely satisfied customers as these incentives inspire workers to ensure they are doing their very best- this is a job you can and should put your all into. Passion will always be encouraged in a good salon.

Bottom line – if you are willing to stay on top of the trends, put in the training and work you will easily become a hairstylist with an income over 100K?. Hairstylist earnings are no joke- and this is without considering makeup artists’ pay. If you specialize in hair, you can still go back to learn how to do makeup and make even more money than you did before. Salon owner and cosmetologist incomes create a thriving, comfortable, creative life.

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