August 1, 2021

Get Started Today on Your New Career as an Esthetician

Been thinking about your future? Career training opens a window of opportunity for you, and here at Summit Salon Academy Kansas City, we’re dedicated to providing you valuable career training that sets you up for a lifetime of success. We offer two programs, cosmetology and esthetics, and we get a lot of questions about both programs from people interested in this exciting career. Today, we’ll focus on the Summit Salon Academy Kansas City Esthetics Program to answer some of the questions we get every day from potential students.

What is esthetics?
In the beauty industry, esthetics is all about the health and beauty of your skin. Estheticians work with more than just the skin on your face. They are also concerned with massage techniques that stimulate blood circulation and promote overall wellness, caring for the feet and hands, and overall body treatments that address skin conditions and promote body shaping.

What do I need to qualify for the program?
You’ll need to have completed at least two years of high school to apply, so bring documentation like your diploma, GED certificate, or your high school transcript as proof for the education requirements. You’ll also need proof of age like a driver’s license or birth certificate, because the Missouri State Board requires that you be 17 years old before you take the board exam. You’ll also need to pass an entrance exam, as well as fill out application forms for the Missouri State Board and our program, as well as pay any applicable fees.

What will I learn in the program?
In our Summit Salon Academy Kansas City Esthetics Program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Perform facials and gain knowledge about equipment, skincare products, different treatment options, skin disorders and diseases that can affect the skin’s health, and how to choose products and treatments for different skin types
  • Perform massages, including different styles like Swedish massage, reflexology, chair massages, and other techniques, as well as how to choose which style is best for your client
  • Provide body treatments to your clients, including many different types of treatments and how to choose which is best for your client
  • Professionally apply makeup, including permanent makeup options and different makeup procedures
  • Perform manicures and pedicures
  • Provide hair removal treatments on all parts of the body

You’ll also learn about the business side of being an esthetician, such as state laws, how to create a professional image, proper techniques for sanitizing equipment, and much more.

How long will the program take?
Our Esthetics Program is a 1,125-hour program. With full-time attendance in our Monday through Friday program, it’ll take you about six months to earn your certificate, then you’ll be qualified to take the Missouri State Board Exam to receive your esthetician license.

What if I can’t afford the costs?
Financial aid is available for our students who qualify through the US Department of Education, which provides funding for students attending career programs like the Esthetics Program. Scholarships are also available for some students. Ask your advisor for information about applying for financial aid or scholarships.

What makes the Summit Salon Academy Kansas City Esthetics Program different than other programs?
Our program gives you everything you need to get started on your career. In addition to real-world training in a salon and spa environment, you also get access to our International Community, career path training, business building skills training, and job placement assistance.

In addition, Summit Salon Academy Kansas City provides the only esthetician program in the area with a Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO) curriculum from the prestigious organization that sets the highest standards in beauty and spa therapy. Students completing the training are eligible to take the exam for the CIDESCO Diploma, which provides estheticians with elite status that is in demand in the best five-star spas around the world.

Inspired to get started on your new career as an esthetician? Contact Summit Salon Academy Kansas City  today. Our education professionals will answer your questions and help you decide on a program that’s right for you. Visit our academy at 815 West 23rd St  in Independence, MO, or call (816) 252-4247  for admissions information. You can also message us online to ask questions and learn more about our exciting esthetician program.