September 17, 2020

Hair Styling Is So Much More Than Beauty – It’s Connection and Community

When you start the journey to becoming a cosmetologist you may be thinking that it is all about beauty. But the truth is, it is so much more than that. Trends and fashion are definitely a significant portion of the career, but inner beauty and bonds are part of what makes the career so special. There are so many ways that you end up connecting with clients and the people you serve. You touch both people’s hair and their hearts when you start a business in cosmetology.

You Connect Through Conversation

When you are doing hair you are inevitably going to find yourself talking with your clients. And through these conversations, you’re going to learn, connect and relate. You’ll hear about the things they like and dislike. You will hear about their kids, husbands, and best friends. You can talk about your shared interests, and your client will feel that much closer to you as well as you to them. If you have had similar experiences, they will love to know that they aren’t the only ones. Conversations help us bond, and we get attached. You may even find yourself picking out your favorite clients, and getting excited when they come in.

You Get To Participate In Big Life Events 

Big life events are part of what keeps a salon up and running. You get to watch certain kids grow up one day you could be giving a baby their first hair cut and the next you realize, you’re helping them get ready for their first prom. You get to hear about people’s first dates and watch as they eventually get married. You hear about pregnancies, career changes, and sad changes like deaths and divorce. You are there to help them feel better about the problems they face, and tackle each one with confidence. They will be able to take a step forward and pick themselves up much easier when given a listening ear and gentle touch. And when things are going well, you get to be excited with them and for them as they tell you about their life. You never know what you are going to hear about, and it will keep you on your toes every day.

Boosting Client’s Confidence

Not everyone is very secure in their appearance- we all know what it is like to feel insecure about things. You take hold of the opportunities talked about before, and use them to help boost their confidence levels so they can take on the world and everything life has to throw at them without a worry about the things they are insecure about. You do not just give them a boost in their physical appearance – with the tender love and care offered at salons, you remind your client what they are worthy of, and how they should be treated, and give them the courage to demand it when things are going rough. It is amazing how a simple trip to the salon can be a life-changing experience. You can remind a client what it means to be themselves, with a few kind words, a lender’s ear, and a haircut.

Salons Are Therapeutic

Sometimes what people really just need is a therapeutic experience, which is what you’re there to offer. While a client is there, they become relaxed and learn to trust you. They feel okay confiding in you, and you get a unique chance to bond. Depending on how much they trust you and how often they come in, you may even become closer to some clients than others. Especially when they start delving into the more secretive aspects of their life. Hair stylists just have a natural touch in helping people feel comfortable enough to open up about the things that go on in their lives, all while delivering the common TLC everyone needs a dose of from time to time.

Hairstylists are so much more than just careers based on vanity. You become a therapist. You become a cheerleader, fashionista, life coach, artist, and trusted friend. You get to guest star in people’s lives as time passes by, and really see how much everyone can grow and shine when given a pep talk and fiery new hair color. All this and more is what it means to be a hairstylist. So go out, and do your best to become an influence on the world with your talent and time. You’ll spread your creativity, art, and love for beauty- no matter how fleeting a physical look may be. The fleeting nature of beauty is all the more reason to appreciate it while it lasts, and the highs and lows that brought your clients to the looks they choose. A change in hair very often represents a big change in people’s lives, and it is an honor to be a part of that change.

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