March 17, 2020

Hue’s That Girl? Brighten Up Your Locks for Spring with These Fun and Flirty Ideas!

Springtime fun is just a cut and color away! Spice up your hair with a bit of color, and a glamorous trendy cut.  Now that the new season is here, you’ll want to match the blossoming colors and jovial atmosphere. Summit Salon is the best place to go for a gorgeous hair color and cut – so today, look through our selection of the best trends of the year and come in soon! These are popular hair color trends that everyone will want.

Smooth  “Cream Soda” Blonde

This shade features warm, golden tones with hints of light brown or beige. Of the many blonde hair color ideas, we love this one the most. It’s inviting and vibrant- especially if you try it as a balayage. Get a glaze treatment to make your hair extra glossy and shiny so your hair color really pops!

Warm Toned Honey Blonde

This warm, natural-looking blonde shade features a blend of golden and amber hues that shine in the sun for that soft, springtime look you crave. With buzzing bees and ripe honeycombs, spring is by far the best time to try out a gorgeous hue like this. We love to recommend combining colors like this with beachy waves or bouncy curls- it adds a certain depth and dimension to the hair that just can’t be achieved any other way! It’s a splendid look- and to top it off getting this color as a balayage would be the icing on top.

Creamy Butter Blonde Hair

This soft, warm blonde shade features a creamy, buttery tone that is perfect for spring. It’s a bit of a lighter tone than the others, but that just adds to its charm. You’ll be the talk of the town with such a beautiful color, and adds a lovely contrast to golden-toned skin, and is a beautiful accessory for pale complexions. So whether you end up tanned or prefer to protect your skin from the sun, you’ll still be well suited for this particular shade of bright, soft blonde. You could even pair this up with a nice bob, textured hairspray, or long waves to finish off this stunning look.

Bubbling Bright Champagne Blonde

This sophisticated shade is a blend of cool and warm tones, resulting in a subtle, shimmering effect that is perfect for a night out. This is a gorgeous blonde color that has subtle tones of pink, just barely enough to notice- yet it makes all the difference. No other color says “vacation” or “spring break” quite like this gorgeous bubbly color.

Go With Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde hair is all the rage right now! This cool, icy blonde shade is achieved by removing all pigment from the hair, resulting in a striking, almost-white color. Going for a silvery hue is just the thing you need to spice up your look. The lift it requires takes talent, and it’s easiest to do on naturally light hair colors. If you have dark black hair, it would be quite a process- but it would be worth it. Hair lightening can take a few more sessions for brunettes, just to make sure that the lift happens right. The silvery hue is a gorgeous color- and you can even get it as highlights too if you don’t want to go full-force. If you still want to have a bit of a warm tone, but still have super light hair, the closest thing to platinum that still includes a bit of warmth is bleach blonde. This is also probably the best color candidate on this list for an absolutely breathtaking ombre.

Hair Color & Hair Care

We use one hair color worldwide- L’oreal Professionnel.  L’oreal is a trustworthy, revolutionary salon-grade hair care brand, and perfect for those looking for quality color. Need help caring for your freshly colored hair? Our students and stylists can help. You can get a personalized hair care regimen from our workers, using Redken and Matrix hair care products. Matrix looks to build and unite hairdressers everywhere, through education, and glamorous products. Redken looks to make sure that every professional puts forth their best, so you know that these products are worthwhile.

Care for your lightened hair through a series of simple steps to maintain your hair health. Once you have gotten your hair colored and lightened, you should avoid shampooing it as much. Every other day at least, skipping shampoos in between days. Using Redken purple shampoo will help prevent brassiness. You should get it trimmed every six to eight weeks, and with warmer weather coming upon us we can not emphasize this enough- avoid chlorine! Not only is chlorine unhealthy for your hair, but your blonde locks can change color upon exposure to it.

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