February 2, 2022

Instructor Training: Take Your Cosmetology or Esthetics Career to the Next Level

You’ve trained hard, you’ve got your esthetics or cosmetology license, and you’re ready to take your career to the next level. It’s time to become an instructor! You can be the inspiration that brings new talent into our industry by helping to train the new generation of cosmetologists and estheticians through our Instructor Training Program at Summit Salon Academy Kansas City!

What are the benefits of becoming an instructor?

In addition to working with your clients, being an instructor brings an even more enhanced sense of career satisfaction to estheticians and cosmetologists. There are plenty of benefits to becoming an instructor.

  • The satisfaction of helping others. Most people become estheticians or cosmetologists because they love helping people. There’s a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when you’ve made your clients look and feel their best. The same is true of being an instructor – this takes helping others to a whole new level. You’ll have the opportunity to inspire and teach a whole new generation of talented people who want to come into the industry for the same reasons as you once did. Your experience and caring, one-on-one instruction will help people succeed in this rewarding career field.
  • Professional advancement. Becoming an instructor opens up even more career pathways for you. Once you’re an experienced instructor, you may be eligible for advancement into areas of cosmetology and esthetic school management and administration, and you might also find new career opportunities as a state board examiner. These opportunities take your career to a whole new level.

Can I keep my clients when I become an instructor?

The simple answer is that yes, there may be part-time opportunities to teach students that allow you to keep your current clients. Relationship building is so important in this industry, and we know how close estheticians and cosmetologists can become to their clientele!

What will I learn in Summit Salon Academy KC’s Instructor Course?

At Summit Salon Academy KC, our Instructor Training program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to teach a new generation of talent.

  • Instructor training. You’ll learn all the fundamentals of teaching, including preparing lessons, planning curriculum, creating class outlines, testing and evaluation strategies, and teaching methods and instruction aids.
  • Psychology of teaching. You’ll learn important insights into the psychology that help you reach students and teach them in a way that helps them retain information. You’ll also learn about speech, counseling, and personality in teaching, as well as other topics.
  • Business skills. At Summit Salon Academy KC, we’ll also teach you everything you need to know about the business of teachings, such as state laws, classroom management, business management, and inventory skills.
  • Practical experience. Our Instructor Training program includes valuable practical experience where you’ll practice the skills you’ve learned in a real classroom environment.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to fully prepare you to teach esthetics of cosmetology to a new generation of talented students!

Will I learn to teach cosmetology or esthetics?

In our Summit Salon Academy KC Instructor Training program, you’ll learn to teach the skill that you’ve already received a license for and have experience in. That way, you’re already an expert in your field, so you can focus on learning the skills to teach those important techniques to others.

Can I participate in my Instructor Training program part-time?

Yes! At Summit Salon Academy Kansas City, we know that your time is valuable, so we’ve created both a full-time and part-time program to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • Full time. The full-time Instructor Training program is on Monday through Friday during the program period, 35 hours each week, seven hours each day. This allows you to complete your program in just 19 weeks!

Ready to take your esthetics or cosmetology career to the next level? Help your career take off through instructor training at Summit Salon Academy KC. Contact our expert education professionals today to learn more about our exciting Instructor Training programs that will let you help inspire new talent in our industry.

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