February 17, 2022

Men’s Haircut Trends for Spring

Spring is here, and it’s time for a new style. The fresh, new look trend isn’t just for women – men can get a great new style with a new haircut from this year’s men’s haircut styles.

Curtains. That wavy, unruly style of the 90s is back, but today’s styles are looser with more waves. The curtain is characterized by a grown-out crown and center part, that heartthrob, a boy-band look that’s casual and stylish. The slicked-back curtain is fading away in favor of a loose, natural wave.

Textured crop. This style is short on all sides with texture on top that works with your hair’s own natural growth patterns. It’s a low maintenance cut with plenty of texture on top that works best with thicker hair that has tons of natural texture.

Bobs and mid-length styles. If you want to move away from those shorter styles that have dominated the trends, grow things out a bit for a mid-length cut this spring. It’s a long, messy style, with or without curl or waves, that’s easy to care for and looks great in any situation. Bobs are about shoulder-length, but other mid-length styles are closer to the scalp.

Buzz cut. The buzz cut is still a trend for spring 2020. It takes just the right head shape to pull it off, but its super-easy care makes it a top choice for active lifestyles.

Contemporary afro. Celebrating your natural hair is a huge trend in spring 2020. Whether big, bold, and curly or tight, tapered, and faded, it’s all about embracing the quality of your natural hair.

Your beard and mustache (or a clean shave) are part of your style. Along with haircut styles, it’s important for men to think about the best facial hairstyle to complement your new cut.

  • Goatee. This is any facial hairstyle that focuses hair only on the lip and chin areas. Goatees have traditionally been the style of rock stars and men who defy the norm, but this attractive style complements many short and longer haircut styles and will be a huge trend this spring.
  • Sexy stubble. Got a babyface? This easy-to-maintain style makes you look more mature, and also helps weak jawlines, acne scars, and unevenly pigmented skin disappear.  The trick is keeping it neat and trim, with an even length of about 3 to 4 millimeters.
  • The “beardstache.” This style rocks a full, thick mustache while keeping the beard neatly trimmed with long stubble. It works best with men with thick facial hair but works for most face shapes and is a great complement for many hairstyles. As the weather warms, the beardstache is a great alternative for a full beard.
  • Short beard. Love a full face of hair but want to dial it back a bit for the office? The short beard is a neat, trimmed, all-over beard, and mustache style that looks sleek and sophisticated.

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