November 2, 2021

Take Your Career to the Next Level with CIDESCO Training

There’s no doubt about it – being an esthetician in 2022 is a fun and lucrative career. Even with that world-class training, you get in the Summit Salon Academy Esthetics program, there’s one step further that you can take to really bring your career to the next level – CIDESCO continuing education.

What does CIDESCO mean?

CIDESCO is an elite international committee of cosmetology and esthetics professionals based in Brussels. The committee’s new head office is located in Zurich, Switzerland, Switzerland. CIDESCO is an acronym that means Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétology,

This group of professionals has four goals:


  • To uphold the highest standards in beauty therapy globally for our industry
  • To promote wellness, beauty, and spa therapy globally.
  • To exchange knowledge between expert estheticians and cosmetologists
  • To build and maintain a high-quality education system for the industry with exceptional qualifications


Since 1946, CIDESCO has upheld these four goals. Now, a CIDESCO diploma is the most sought-after credential in the industry.

What makes CIDESCO training different?

Most esthetics education programs do one thing – teach you to pass an exam. At Summit Salon Academy KC, we’ve gone many steps further by providing a more thorough education in our Esthetics program that lets you not only learn the techniques and products to provide high-quality services to your future clients, but we also give you top-level training about running a salon & spa business, building your clientele, providing exceptional customer service that brings your clients back to you again and again, following strict protocols for sanitation and cleanliness in your salon & spa, and all the science you need to understand to deliver effective therapies for your clients such as chemistry, biology, and cosmetic science.

Once you’ve graduated and passed your state exam to be a licensed esthetician, there’s really no limit to where your career can take you.

To give you even more of a leg-up on the competition, we’ve developed an exclusive Summit Salon Academy KC CISESCO Continuing Education program that gives you that final elite credential that qualifies you to work in the top salons and spas around the world!

Summit Salon Academy was only the second international skincare school to qualify as a CIDESCO school. This credential required an extensive preparation period to train our professional beauty education experts to teach you about CIDESCO standards for facials, nail care, skincare, massage and reflexology, makeup application, and even professional cosmetic product expertise.

What is required to get the CIDESCO diploma?

Here at Summit Salon Academy KC, our comprehensive CIDESCO curriculum includes everything you need to know to deliver the highest quality esthetics services to your clients. Subjects taught include:

  • Hot wax hair removal
  • Electrical body treatments
  • Body analysis
  • Facial analysis

Once you successfully complete your CIDESCO continuing education training at Summit Salon Academy KC, you’ll be qualified to sit for the CIDESCO diploma and be on your way to an elite career in this exciting field!

Can everyone get a CIDESCO diploma?

There are a few requirements before getting your CIDESCO continuing education training. CIDESCO training is available for graduates of our Summit Salon Academy KC Esthetics program since you need to have the knowledge of a professional esthetician before participating in this CIDESCO training program.

How long will it take for me to get my CIDESCO diploma?

Our Summit Salon Academy KC CIDESCO Continuing Education program takes about eight months – this full-time program of 35 hours per week requires 1,125 hours to graduate. Once you successfully complete our program with CIDESCO curriculum, you will eligible to sit for the prestigious CIDESCO diploma exam!

Once I have my CIDESCO diploma, where can I work?

Your CIDESCO diploma is an elite credential that is recognized everywhere in the world. It tells all the world’s top spas and salons that you’ve completed a world-class education in esthetics and are ready to serve clients with the best, cutting-edge skills.

You’ll be one of the top candidates in the world’s most elite five-star salons and spas, but you’ll also have other opportunities to showcase your talents. CIDESCO Diplomates are also in demand in dermatology and plastic surgeon office globally – and you might also take your expertise to eventually open and operate your very own elite salon & spa!

Take your esthetics career to a whole new level with professional CIDESCO continuing education from Summit Salon Academy KC!

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