April 19, 2021

The Importance of Nail Care

We use our hands every day, and they are also one of the first things that others notice about us. Having great looking nails can give you that extra boost of confidence throughout your day, and regular professional-level nail care at Summit Salon Academy Kansas City keeps your nails healthy and strong so you can look and feel your best all year long.

All the things we do with our hands each day expose us to bacteria: maybe you scratch off a lottery ticket or refill card, open a can of vegetables, tear open an envelope you just got in the mail, or any other of the many things we do every day that expose our nails to germs. Your nails are there to protect your hands, providing a strong shield as you work with them each day, as well as a barrier – the cuticle – which keeps out environmental pollutants.

Regular, professional nail care ensures that your nails stay strong so they can do the job. Nail technicians do much more than apply polish. They also check for signs of problems like fungus or sores that need treatment, keep nails trimmed and shaped so they look great and to prevent splitting, and keep your cuticles moisturized and healthy to help preserve that natural barrier. Regular appointments with your nail technician allow him or her to assess your nail’s health regularly and treat any issues before they become a problem.

Neat, trimmed, well-cared for nails make a statement: that you care about your health and appearance. At Summit Salon Academy, we make it easy to keep your nails healthy and looking great. Our student nail technicians provide:

  • Professional-level manicures at a reasonable price, so regular care for your nails is more affordable
  • Pedicure spa treatments, a relaxing way to keep your feet and toenails healthy while enjoying a little pampering
  • Polish changes, when you’d like to change colors to match your new outfit but don’t have time for a full manicure

Getting your regular nail care done at Summit Salon Academy Kansas City is a win-win for everyone! You get professional-level service from an enthusiastic student, and the students get valuable experience that can jumpstart their careers. Every student is professionally trained with state-of-the-art equipment in a world-class esthetics program, and each student is supervised by an experienced, professional nail technician to ensure you get consistent quality service. You get great looking nails while helping a young nail technician develop their career.

If you’re due for a manicure or pedicure, or if you just want a quick polish change to try a new color, make an appointment today at Summit Salon Academy. Our student nail technicians are excited to deliver professional services at reasonable prices. You can find us at 815 West 23rd St in Independence, MO or call us at (816) 252-4247 to schedule your appointment or to speak with one of our professional nail technicians about your nail care needs. For more information, to book an appointment, receive appointment reminders and more, download our free mobile app on Itunes, Amazon, or Google Play. Remember to register on the app to receive notifications!