September 24, 2023

Try Out The Top 5 Full Glam Makeup Looks That Are Everywhere In 2023!

This year you can expect a lot of extravagant and gorgeous flashy makeup to be on the rise. We are moving away from the bare-faced looks that 2022 popularized in favor of absolute glitz and glam, so you can expect a lot of flashy, shiny looks to be showing their colors. These amazing makeup trends are just a few that this year is bringing out into the open, and we hope that you are able to enjoy them as much as we have been! Here is our list of some of the best makeup trends this year!

90’s Y2k Trends

Metallic shades, glittery eye makeup, and iridescent looks similar to CDs is perfect for imitating the in-styles from the late 90s! You can use bright pastels too because color should be anything but absent with a style like this. We want to see bright colors, shimmery looks, and makeup that really reflects your inner diva.

Female eye with fancy glitter makeup, macro view

Let’s Discuss Foundation And Concealer

We need to talk about foundation and concealer. If you have heard of “skinamalism” then you know how important foundation is for this look, and how little of it you need. The foundations that are being seen most recently consist of light, tinted moisturizing SPF products that do not lay heavy and matte on the skin. And whatever the foundation does not disguise, you can put concealer over so long as it complements the shimmery look. For that super light look with foundation, one of the best tools to use is an airbrush.

Bright Statement Blush

If you love blush, then you’ll love this trend! Get those cheeks rosy red and bright pink with statement blush this year. Of course, we want to see it blended well, but bold blush is everywhere and becoming all the more popular each day. This is probably one of the biggest looks we are seeing for the year and considering it is simple, beautiful, and achievable by anyone it is easy to see why. You want to use a fluffy blush brush to make sure the color blends around the edges into your natural skin color.

Prominent Lip Looks

We are looking for lip looks that are bold, bright, and fresh. Even if it’s the only makeup you apply, a bright, crisp red lip will knock people off their feet. It really can stand alone- but it also does not have to. Far from it, a red lip can pair well with a ton of amazing, beautiful colors and styles. Adding a light foundation and shimmery eyeshadow would do well to complement this look beautifully. We are also absolutely loving lip liners, so don’t forget to add them to your makeup bag this year. When you use a lip liner, you can really make sure to get everything about your lip to look precise, especially when combined with a lip brush.

Bleached And Bedazzled Brows

Have you ever thought about adding glitter to your brows? Well, now you have! This trend is perfect for a unique, eccentric style designed to grab attention. With bleached brows becoming popular, this is a great way to add something more to the look. And yes, you did read that right- since barely-there makeup still holds popularity, bleached eyebrows have made their way into the scene to add just a bit more to that look.

Macro of woman’s eye with long pink feather fake eyelashes.

Eccentric Colored Lashes

Whether you are using colored mascara or false lashes, bold colorful lashes are the look of the year whether it’s bright pink or green, bold blue or royal purple colors. We love to see a burst of color in unexpected places! And make sure those lashes are long and fluttery too! With the length and pop of color, you could almost mistake this year’s lashes for beautiful butterflies.

Try Dazzling Facial Gems

This is one late 2022 look that is carrying over into the year with the popularity in flashy bold looks and iridescent colors. This gorgeous look is going to stay popular for a while and is great for fancy occasions you want to make headlines. This is great as eye decor, but you can really use facial gems wherever you deem best.

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