March 17, 2023

Why Professional Facials are So Effective

Taking good care of your skin is a crucial part of your beauty routine because great makeup looks start with healthy, smooth skin. The standard morning cleansing routine just isn’t enough to ensure that your skin is at its healthiest – it also takes regular, professional facial treatments to address any issues and nourish your skin. Thankfully, the student estheticians at Summit Salon Academy KC make it easy and affordable to get the professional skincare you need.

Just one professional facial treatment will give you immediate benefits, but you get the most amazing results with regular treatments. That’s because having a professional assess your skin regularly helps steer the treatment course as your skin’s needs change – with different seasons, different activity levels, occasional breakouts, and more. Our Summit Salon experts recommend regular facials at least once a month, and all our treatments are fully customized to the exact needs of your skin.

Regular professional facial treatments give you outstanding benefits:

Effective deep cleansing. Cleansing daily is important, but you can’t get the same level of deep cleansing that professional estheticians can. Professional tools and products allow estheticians to cleanse your skin deeply to clear out pores and let nourishing serums and treatments to penetrate better so they can be more effective.

Exfoliating. To exfoliate your skin is to use gentle abrasives to remove the layer of dead skin cells that can cause your skin to look dull and make it difficult to blend makeup. It’s a delicate balance best left to professionals because too much abrasive action can damage your skin. Our student estheticians are trained in our world-class esthetics program to use the right tools and products, which gently and effectively exfoliate the skin, leaving it glowing and healthy.

Anti-aging. Proper anti-aging treatment starts long before the first lines and wrinkles appear. As early as our 20s, our skin’s own regenerative processes start to slow, with less cell renewal and decreased collagen production. Regular professional facials are a crucial weapon in the war against wrinkles, because healthy, regularly exfoliated, and nourished skin is more likely to stay young looking for much longer.

Fewer breakouts and less noticeable scarring. Acne is a problem for millions of Americans, and skin that’s prone to acne needs special treatment. An important part of professional facials is the extraction phase, which removes oil buildup in pores that often cause breakouts. With regular facial treatments, many of our clients experience fewer breakouts over time, as well as healthier-looking skin. In addition, the exfoliating phase that removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell regeneration can help reduce the appearance of mild acne scars as the gaps that cause these scars to fill in.

Relaxing. Professional facials are incredibly relaxing because they massage your face, stimulating pressure points, and optimizing circulation. Like any massage, facials are incredibly relaxing and are a wonderful way to take some time out of your busy day to care for your own wellness.

Detoxifying. The massage in your professional facial treatment feels amazing, and it’s also stimulating blood circulation and that of the lymphatic system. Blood delivers oxygen to your organs, including your skin, so they can function effectively. Your lymphatic system drains wastes and toxins away, leaving your skin healthier and younger-looking. Detoxifying your skin also helps address some skin issues like breakouts, uneven skin tone, and more.

To get the best skin possible, be sure to schedule appointments for regular facial treatments at Summit Salon Academy Kansas City. Our student estheticians are fully trained to assess your skin’s condition and determine which facial treatments are right for your needs. All our students receive comprehensive esthetics training before working in our luxury salon and are supervised by experienced, licensed estheticians. You can find us at 815 West 23rd St S in Independence, MO or call us at (816) 252-4247 x301 to schedule your appointment. You can also find more information, book an appointment, and get reminders for your facial appointments right on your mobile device with our free mobile app. Download it today from iTunes and Google Play.