November 8, 2020

You Should Try Out One Of These Hair Color Trends This Year!

Hair is one of the biggest influences on self-expression given to us when it comes to our physical appearance. And with a new year, it’s time to express the change in you! There are so many trendy colors, it might be hard to pick just one but that is okay. We have a selection of our favorites here to recommend to you, so you do not have to stress out about choosing from a large variety. Regardless of the one you pick here, you will know it is one of the best.

Bright Bold Platinum

Platinum hair isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Embrace the silvery hue with a full head of platinum blonde strands- or even incorporate it as highlights, if you want to try something a little unique. It is a striking color, and definitely a statement piece- the only thing to keep in mind is that the darker your natural color, the harder platinum hair is to achieve. It is an icy snowy tone that requires a lot of upkeep to not go back to normal blonde and requires a lot of lift out of dark natural colors. It is definitely a process to achieve this lovely look, but once you have it, you’ll see how worth it, it is!

Warm Toned Honey Blonde

If you want to go blonde, warm up winter with warm honeyed undertones. You can get your blonde tone nice and toasty without having to go full brunette with this. There are a few different ways you could incorporate this soft cozy color into your style, with highlights, balayage, and ombre effects being perfectly doable if you do not want to pursue an all-over color.

Color Kissed Mocha 

Bring out those darker shades with color-kissed mocha hair! Darker shades of brunette mixed with lighter shades can be just the thing to make your hair pop. Add in milky chocolate highlights to your deep cocoa look, or even undertones of purple for something a little zesty. Adding in that depth with highlights will make your hair stand out from the rest, for the perfect new years look.

Violet Highlights On Black

If you are a lover of black and purple, this is your year. Nothing makes violet shades stand out quite like the deep inky shade of a gorgeous black. Whether you choose to get more subtle babylights, eggplant highlights, or a stunning black and purple balayage, you can not go wrong with this color combo.

Copper Blonde

Want a spicy, gingery hue? Try adding some copper highlights to your blonde hair. It adds a little something extra to the hair to make it interesting, complete with warm spiced tones to keep you cozy this winter. You can’t go wrong with a copper tone this season, and it creates a gorgeous ginger look that compliments blonde locks in a gorgeous way. This fiery color will not let you down!

Easy Shadow Roots

If you need something easier for the new year but still want trendy new hair, then consider trying out a shadow root. This technique allows for your face to be framed beautifully, gives you color that is easy to manage and is great for natural colors. This technique intentionally leaves color off the root so that you do not have to spend as much time going to appointments, saving you money in the long run as well. If you have a hustle and bustle lifestyle that calls for beautiful hair that you can manage easily, then this is the look you should go for. Your hair color will melt together wonderfully, and you will get nothing but compliments for it.

Icy Cool Jewel Tones

Desire a look that is a little more dramatic? Do you want heads to turn as you pass by because your hair just looks that good? Jewel-toned hair is your best option. Specifically subdued emerald green and bold deep ruby reds are the most sought-after colors for the wintertime, giving you a festive but sophisticated look. Make sure you are aware of what you are in for when you ask for these colors because darker hair will need to have the natural pigment lifted for the brilliant, vibrant shade you will be trying to achieve.

Colored Hair Care

For a few tips on keeping your hair as bright and colorful as possible, you can always ask our student future stylists what their recommendations may be. However, for a few general rules, keep these tips in mind. Avoid washing your hair for the first couple of days after your color, to make sure that you do not experience premature fading. Opting for less washing overall as well will help maintain your vibrant hue. Use cool water, wash with conditioner, use our Redken or Matrix color-safe products, and avoid heated styling methods, and you will be able to maintain bright, healthy, colorful hair.

Whatever color option you want to try, Summit Salon Academy Kansas City is ready today. We use Loreal Professionnel, the finest hair color in the professional hair color industry.  Our highly trained supervised student future stylists are here to give you the look of your dreams! Call us at (816) 252-4247 x301 to schedule your haircolor appointment, and visit us at 815 West 23rd St S in Independence, MO. We look forward to your arrival!